1984 Yamaha XT600 Carburetor Overhaul Part 2

Last post on the Carburetor overhaul for this Yamaha XT600 finished with dis-assembly underway. View More
August 01, 2015 28

1984 Yamaha XT600 Carburetor Overhaul

 An 84 XT600 showed up recently with a top end misfire. This wasn't too much of an issue around town but was a real problem at freeway speeds. View More
Classics, Maintenance
January 09, 2015 0

Living with a classic Japanese Bike

So we all love Classic Jap bikes. If you have searched out \ stumbled upon and are still reading \ one of our regulars - I am already preaching to the converted. View More
October 19, 2014 0

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