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  • 1984 Yamaha XT600 Carburetor Overhaul

    1984 Yamaha XT600 Carburetor Overhaul

    January 09, 2015 admin 0 comments
     An 84 XT600 showed up recently with a top end misfire. This wasn't too much of an issue around town but was a real problem at freeway speeds.  The XT600, and Yamaha TT600's of the same vintage, had a dual carburetor induction with the primary manual (i.e ...
  • Rebooting the Kawasaki H2

    September 25, 2014 admin 0 comments
    There has been plenty of advertising, intentionally incomplete, doing the rounds of social media over the past few weeks on the Kawasaki H2 reboot. I guess they figured that if the music and film industry can do so successfully, why not KHI? Eventually we were provided the full spec and ...

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