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  • The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

    The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

    October 05, 2014 Team Carbonised 0 comments
    Sunday dawned as typically perfect. OK, so everyone who has ridden in Melbourne this time of year knows it can be a mixed bag, so maybe 'typically perfect' is using some licence... In any case the sun was out, it was warm by 8 am, and a top day and ...
  • Distinguished Gents Ride 2014

    Distinguished Gents Ride 2014

    September 24, 2014 Team Carbonised 2 comments
    The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a must do fixture of the local ride calendar. A great cause (prostate cancer treatment), old school and café bikes galore, and a chance to dress up like the scarlet pimpernel. Who wouldn't want to join the frivolity! For the team here at ...

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