Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride Cont'd

September 27, 2014 Team Carbonised 0 comments

Life is a journey, and incomplete for the majority of it's length.

And in a strange analogy, most builds are never really completed. They continue to evolve.

Right now my much loved 400F is being fiddled with for the Distinguished Gents Ride Sunday.  Stuff I had in mind, however having something marked in a Calendar just kicks things into gear.

This week a new caliper piston seal went in to stop the weeping (of brake fluid).


Look at the difference between new and old, no wonder fluid was sneaking past the seal.

To do the job properly some cleaning of the piston bore, seal land, and piston are required.


...just like Mr Honda made it...well not quite, but this is 40 years old now.












And while I was at it some Autosol found it's way onto the polished case cover.

My enduring affection for these old SOHC's just doesn't seem to wane. Just looking at the 400 in the shed makes me happy.

I've owned it for 18 years and with luck my Son will take up the mantle when I can no longer kick it over.




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