Distinguished Gents Ride 2014

September 24, 2014 Team Carbonised 2 comments

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a must do fixture of the local ride calendar. A great cause (prostate cancer treatment), old school and café bikes galore, and a chance to dress up like the scarlet pimpernel. Who wouldn't want to join the frivolity!

For the team here at Carbonised it meant some TLC on our beloved Honda 400 Four. First up an oil and filter change. Let’s face it, air cooled bikes idling in traffic don’t run cooler do they!


And paying attention to the replacement of the O-rings when changing the oil filter, look at the difference in size between new and in-service item.


Fitted the DoReMi oil temp indicator that has been sitting on shelf for a while. As we run hex head case cover bolts rather than the standard phillips heads there was a clearance issue. A mil ground off the bolt head and a quick polish with 1200 wet and dry provided clearance.


And then of course some new plugs for the love of our life. It was almost a shame to use the plugs and throw out the Honda branded NGK boxes. Interestingly the plug gaps were out by 50% out of the box (.55 actual vs .75 spec). Is always worth checking and adjusting.


Some missing had been evident from mid to WOT so out came the carbs.


After a careful clean and detail you could eat your lunch of this After a careful clean and detail you could eat your lunch of this 40 year old engine. In all seriousness, are these the most attractive small air cooled engines ever forged?

And of course some bling in the guise of light weight contemporary solutions…A shorty TTR400 chain guard.



…and a TTR billet brake torque arm. Looks a treat in black, and certainly helps the whole Café Noir theme we are fond of.




That was the weekend consumed. One week to go until the DGR. Can't wait.





hedgecutter September 26, 2014

Looking good! Can't wait to see the velvet suit :)

Nilufar August 20, 2021

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