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April 24, 2014 Team Carbonised 0 comments

Here at team Carbonised we love the 'other' NOS - New Old School.

That is, taking a classic design from the 70's or 80's and applying modern suspension, braking, tires and maybe a smattering of electronics and materials.

And there is no-one better at delivering this recipe than the crew at Sanctuary. 

What they can do with the iconic Kawasaki old school bikes from Z1 through to GPZ-9's is outstanding, visually stunning, and typically applies contemporary handling and materials to these classic models.

This Zed 9 exemplifies the traditional muscular stance while showcasing Ohlins rear (dual) suspenders, a beautiful plum purple livery and modern rubber, swing-arm and brakes.

The intent is a classic silhouette which is so evocative to so many of us while delivering contemporary handling and at least to a degree, reliability. 


Here is another Santuary Z900, again note the modern 4 into 1, retention of twin rear suspenders, although modernised with piggy back shocks, modern rims and disks.


Here is another take on the new old school theme from Brit builder Seb Seal.

He has specialised in grafting Katana panels onto GSX-1400 chassis. An even more up-to date specification with the unmistakable Katana visuals. 

We all love out classic rides, however there is something to be said for the ride quality, braking and reliability by modern components and materials. 

Nothing can take the place of genuinely historic lineage, and there will always be interest in the blue riband classics, GSXR 7's and 11's, Z1's, and air cooled fours from the 70's and 80's.  

However judging by the popularity of customs like the above, and a more modern ride, wouldn't you like to fill your dream collection with some NOS?


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