Rebooting the Kawasaki H2

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There has been plenty of advertising, intentionally incomplete, doing the rounds of social media over the past few weeks on the Kawasaki H2 reboot.

I guess they figured that if the music and film industry can do so successfully, why not KHI?

Eventually we were provided the full spec and images only to find the hyperbike with the most is a track only offer at this time.

Hey, we are as impressed with a blown 300HP Kawasaki as the next bunch and it does look cool with the winglets straight from SciFi.

Kawasaki H2H2 Winglets

Our take on the topic at Carbonised is a little different...lets pay homage to the original Widowmaker - the 1972 Kawasaki H2.

Here is a guy sedately riding an H2 like they were intended...


Kawasaki H2 Mono

Let's set the context first, in 1972 there were no hundred horsepower monsters, a typical big Brit came in around 50-55 HP, and king of the World was the Honda CB750 with around 67 neddies.

The Kawasaki releases the H2 triple with an out of the crate 75hp, a hinged frame good for half that, and a single disk front to haul you down from speed.

It must have seemed insane. Power mono's from the throttle alone and enough blue smoke to cloud your getaway!

First model in '72 was released in Blue or Gold and they still look fantastic.

H2 Gold and Blue

Later styling mimicked the smaller 500's and became more stylistically fluid. This H2 has aftermarket chromes expansion chambers fitted as was the go at the time.

Kawasaki H2C

And some guys turned them into café racers.


The stories of the 'Widowmaker' in contemporary 1970's bike mags seem a bit over stated now. Owning and riding an H2 is great fun, and in reality not nearly as wild as a media search would suggest.

Sure starting from cold pops a plume of blue smoke over most of your street, and from around 5000 revs things get a bit more interesting, but in stock trim these bikes are pretty easy to live with. More torque than equivalent 500's actually makes them easier around town than the more common half liter triples.

In any case, before becoming too enraptured with the 2014 H2, think about the original H2 excitement machine.

Only one of them can be legally ridden on road at this time, and even if this changes with the next model the original will at least give your license a fighting chance.

See you on the road. 






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