Suzuki GS500 Sprocket Cover

November 28, 2013 Team Carbonised 0 comments

A reader sent these pictures to the carbon crew with a few queries. First up was 'Did I buy a lemon?'. Second was 'Should I be riding this?'.

Turns out he was our sort of guy, rides a 15 year old bike every day, rain, hail, shine. Maintains it himself.

It's always risky making a call on a picture alone (versus having a look at the real thing). 

Don't believe me?

Ask a mate who has bought 'the best XYZ 1000 in Australia' from e-bay on pictures alone...

...but in this case it looks OK. The bottom of the sprocket cover has a decent size hole where casting used to be. We've seen this from stones, accident damage, chain breakages and clumsy tuners. 

Bottom line, no oil is leaking from the (engine) cases, so back into the daily commute goes the GS.


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