Suzuki RG500 Rear Disc Replacement

November 11, 2013 Team Carbonised 0 comments
Here is an RG500 which arrived in the team Carbonised shed recently. The owner noticed a grinding noise coming from the rear whenever the back brake was applied.

The bike presented well, and appeared well maintained. As it happens this wasn’t the case. Of the 2 rear pads, one didn’t exist (i.e. the grinding noise, AKA metal on metal) and the other disintegrated into powder when removed. A lesson in this for us all, appearances are no indication of maintenance.

Here is the offending grinding pad…

… .and what it did to the rear disc rotor. Notice the deep scoring rendering the disc unserviceable. Into to the skip it went.
So the bike was up on jacks, axle retaining bolt and torque arm bolts removed.  Loosen off both of the chain tension adjusters. Push the rear wheel forward, unhook the chain to the left of the rear sprocket, and roll out the wheel to the rear.
Above is the new Metal Gear disk (left) alongside the rooted original. Yeah we know the drill pattern isn’t OEM. This is a personal judgment call, at Carbonised we get down to riding versus scoring so this suits. We use Metal gear pads too for Suzuki’s. If NOS is your bag that is cool too, in this case it wasn’t required.

They look different with the back end removed yes? Note the wood blocks between the jacks and the swing arm. Don’t forget this or it will all end in tears (hint: the pressed steel jack fittings are harder and sharper than aluminium box section…
Next step is installing the new rotor. Don’t start until you have your thread lock, non residual cleaner and torque wrench ready…
Speaking of thread lock, again there is some personal preference here, we don’t use a lot.
Next…bolting it in and setting chain play.


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