The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

October 05, 2014 Team Carbonised 0 comments

Sunday dawned as typically perfect. OK, so everyone who has ridden in Melbourne this time of year knows it can be a mixed bag, so maybe 'typically perfect' is using some licence...

In any case the sun was out, it was warm by 8 am, and a top day and ride was in the offer.

The night before was spent in the usual way....last minute changes. Getting older doesn't necessarily mean getting wiser yes? So the set of 'Cafe Noir' aftermarket light clamps and the beautiful clip ons finally made it onto the 400Four.   

 CB400 headlight bucket clamps

Took some snaps with my kids seeing as it isn't every day you get to wear a tux, waistcoat and tie on a classic Jap, and was off. 


Meeting place was the gardens in Carlton and half of Melbourne showed. Well the half that ride bobbers and cafe's.

Most guys were decked out in the DGR kit and the atmosphere was fantastic. Everyone was up for a great day out in warm spring sunshine with tongue's firmly in cheek. The parked bikes and costumes made for a hell of a spectacle.

DGR Melbourne 

Off through the city to stop #1 at the Grand Prx circuit around Albert Park lake. With 300 riders and weekend traffic the progress was, ah, slow.


The hot weather, old air cooled bikes, and idleing to slow moving progress did see a few guys off to the side of the road. No-one seemed too stressed with roadside maintenance. This is where the modern factory classic reboots shine, water cooling, EFI and e-ignition does make for a stress free ride - though riders on classic kit (me!) will always argue the case for the extra character of the older rides.

The 400 was running well as usual (Mr Honda was making jewel perfect engines by the early 70's) and I had spent some time in the weekends leading up on maintenance.

Pics and coffe stop at the GP pits.


Next stop was the shrine of remembrance at St Kilda. Good spot for some more pictures. I saw a few more 400's so did a few hello's with the owners. I'm trying not to bang on too much about the 400's but they really are the cats meow, this guy was riding two up for 6 hours, with copious idling or paddling along, on a hot day with a 40 year old bike and it didn't miss a beat.

DGR Melbourne Shrine

And it wasn't just classic Jappas, how cool was this Vincent?

DGR Vincent HRD

Then onto Kustom Kommune for the final gathering. Fair to say both the bar and mobile barista were doing much business.

Kustom Kommune

After a bit it was home time so I hit the road. Top day out, make sure you pencil it in for 2015 if you missed it this time 'round. Proceeds to prostate cancer which most blokes will admit is one of their fears and a truly great peril to rally against.


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